Courage Basketball Club
Welcome to the home of the Courage Basketball  Club
Courage is having the strength to do your best despite the difficulty of the task at hand.  
Courage is not a measurement of heart or bravery, but your committment to hardwork when the outcome is not a guarantee or not yet in your favor.
Being good is hardwork.  There are no shortcuts.

Every day practice plan:
Work Hard!
Get Better!
Play Smart!
Play Together!

2017 Schedule UPDATED  and posted.  

Player Fees $650 includes practice gym rental and tournament entry fees.

​Only additional fees are travel expenses. Uniforms will be provided by Courage Basketball Club. Additional, optional team gear will be available but is completely optional.

Coach Delano at [email protected]
​919-606-1004 for more information. We are a 10th grade team (2019) . 2019 and 2020 players are welcome.

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    2017 Tryouts TBD